Business Overview

SNAS’s current core business is comprised of two major divisions .

Construction guarantee services :

SNAS deals with the work of providing guarantees in order to provide security for fulfillment for cases in which SNAS members can’t be responsible for the duties and liabilities they hold in the process of operating and managing the construction industry .

Construction guarantees are used as the security instead of a bid deposit, contract deposit, cost difference deposit, deposit for repair of defects, repayment of the advance payment, payment of the credit sales price and others payments of guarantee.

SNAS provides various Construction guarantee services such as Project Bidding Guarantee, Performance Bond Guarantee, and Advance Payment Guarantee.

Employees guarantee services :

Employee guarantee product is a third party commercial guarantee that is to safeguard the enterprise’s interests and eliminate the risks brought by employees. It is used to indemnify the Employer of theft, robbery, fraud, embezzlement or breach of trust committed by the employee.

The products of employee guarantee include employee credit guarantee, employee behavior guarantee, guarantee of major delinquency made by construction project manager, credit guarantee of construction project manager, guarantee of losses of employee’s information disclosure, guarantee of liquidated damages under employee’s confidentiality agreement, guarantee of liquidated damages of employee’s competitive restriction, guarantee of losses of employee’s competitive restriction, guarantee of employee’s delinquency, etc.

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